City Living At Its Best The Way It Should Be

The Marine Blue by Capitaland is among the latest freehold condominium launched in the East Coast, and recently new residential condo, Amber Skye is worthy of ideal city lifestyle. The construction is at its full-blast at Amber Road and Tanjong Katong intersection. The said condominium is rising in the neighborhood with other first-class condos such as Marine Blue Condo, residential estates and other leisure destinations. This is a model location in cultivating city living lifestyle.

city living at its best the way it should be

Marine Blue Singapore Condo offers 124 units for great city living at Marine Parade, while Amber Sky will provide 109 lavish homes peering out in the vicinity of Tanjong Katong Estate as well as the dazzling waters of Singapore Strait. Accordingly, the building when completed is a spectacular edifice having graceful lines, which will echo the sound of the waves of the sea nearby. The intention of different designs of units is intended in meeting the needs of diverse city lifestyle.

Experience city living the way that it should be such as waking up every morning fully revitalized with the assurance that everything you need is within your reach. Getting the essential need is just basic; you are near the establishments that provide pleasure and life pampering experience, including destinations that will satisfy your vanities.

If you are working in the nearby central business district, you can easily get to work within fifteen minutes driving to and from the office. The Marina Bay is very accessible as well as the Changi Airport and Changi Business Park. Actually, you can travel anywhere easily on the island because Tanjong Katong Road and Amber Road are connected in major thoroughfares such as the Still Road, East Coast Parkway, Mountbatten Road and Pan Island Expressway. Residing in Marine Blue Condo, Amber Skye and other luxury condos in the East Coast is the best way of city living in Singapore.

The facts about Highline Residences in Singapore

Singapore maybe a small place but it occupies a very important place in the map. In the recent years Singapore has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in every industrial sector and the real estate sector is no exception. The real estate sector has experienced a tremendous growth over the years; the city has witnessed a drastic increase in the number of Highline Residences price. These residences usually consist of apartments and they are available in different types, sizes and price ranges all over the city. If you are very interested in buying an apartment in such residencies then you have to get in touch with relocation managers and property agents who are employed by well known property companies. These agents usually have all the information regarding some of the best properties within the city.

the facts about highline residences in singapore

If you are keen on buying luxury apartments in Singapore then it is needless to say that you have a very liberal budget. So you can actually buy apartments in localities like Sentosa, Orchard roads or Keppel Bay. The apartments in these localities are very expensive but they provide you the best amenities that money can fetch you. However before you go out and buy an apartment in Highline Residences in Singapore you must evaluate your requirement. If you have big family then you may have to buy a spacious apartment with at least 3 bedrooms if not four. If you are going to live by yourself then you can buy a two bedroom flat. Now it is no secret that Singapore is an expensive city so you really have to work out a budget before buying a flat. If you want to enjoy services like elevators, swimming pools, clubs, lobbies and parking spaces then you can simply buy a condo in Highline Residences in Singapore. A condo is available in reasonable prices and at the same time you can enjoy fabulous facilities.

The Santorini: A Luxurious Haven from the City Rush

The Santorini is a newly launched condominium which has been developed by MCC Land, a reputed Singapore firm. The condos are located between the Tampines Avenue 10 and the Tampines Street 86. The condominium which is slated to have a total of 597 units with an expansive selection from 1 to 5 bedroom condos offers fully functional facilities such as basement, parking, playground, reading room, Jacuzzi, gymnasium, hydrotherapy mattresses and baths. Apart from this, the whole area is a natural marvel located amidst the lush, green surroundings of the island. The glistening water body at Tampines Quarry Park compliments and adds to the beauty of the condos.

the santorini a luxurious haven from the city rush

The location of the condo

The Santorini condo is located expediently in close proximity to various modern conveniences such as Gaint Supermarket, Courts Megastore, IKEA and Singapore Expo. The city is a mere 30 minute car drive from the establishment. All the major retail stores, recreational hubs and entertainment facilities are located at short distances from the condos. The residents can benefit from the easy accessibility of major arterial expressways and roads including Pan Island Expressway and Tampines Expressway. The ride is smooth with gentle sea breeze always by your side. The condominium which has all basic amenities proudly boasts to be in the location of top schools and colleges such as St. Hilda’s Primary and Secondary School.

Luxury with style and comfort

The Greek-themed project offers these condos which are perfect abodes. The beaches have pearly white sands lined with sparkling water to light up your day. The Santorini Condo, Singapore is the best retreat from the rush of the busy city life. The landscape has been developed by ONG&ONG Landscape. This is a leading design which offers unmatched reputation for building tasteful residential societies which offer hospitality at its best. The condos fulfil the dreams of all home owners and are complete with petite garden pockets and lawns resplendent with cool soothing waters.

The Santorini Condo is located in a private enclave that is surrounded by the peaceful sounds of Bedok Reservoir, Quarry Park and Tampines. The soft, lapping waves of the ocean offer gentle lullaby to the residents. The island is home to bounties of nature. There is sweet symphony of the wildlife. The residents can experience magnificent sunrise from the zenith yonder atop the spacious balconies. Moreover, the Bodek Reservoir offers sufficient space for long strolls in the woods. The visitors can take the MRT station to get to the city which is nearby. Also, the up and coming Town Hub proudly boasts of Bowling Alley, Cinema, Community Club, Astro-turf soccer pitch and restaurants.

To sum up, the Santorini, Singapore is your haven to rejuvenate after long years of work. It is also your dream home to raise your kids in the beauty of nature and wildlife, close to their heart. Whether you are single, professional or a family person, these condos are your perfect choices for a prosperous tomorrow.

The Center of Rest and Pleasure

Intergrating Activities, Singapore Sports Hub, Amusement and Lifestyle Over The water from City Gate may be the much-anticipated Singapore Sports Hub. To households from players, there’s anything for everybody here. The centerpiece of entertainment location and this activities may be the condition-of-the-art 000 capability National Stadium, 55. Playing with host to leisure activities and sporting, the Singapore Indoor Arena complements it. There’s an aquatic centre memorial and activities collection, eating and buying in the mall, multi purpose sports water-sports and places centre for canoeing. The options for satisfaction are unlimited!

the center of rest and pleasure
Kallang Discretion and Riverside by Waterfront

Have a relaxing walk and in the seaside, you’re within a few minutes! Kallang Riverside is likely to be changed into an environmentally friendly lifestyle precinct and certainly will feature beachside lagoons, alfresco eating, and beautiful waterfront pathways that’ll link and Gardens and one by the Bay. There’ll even be amenities where you are able to have a sponsor of water-sports activities, like water kayaking, skiing and dragon boating. Amusement amenities, resorts, practices, homes and water-taxi providers to Raffles place and Clarke Quay will also be in the offing to create excitement that is fresh to Kallang River.

The Center of Fund and Company

City Gate Singapore is ideally situated near the Central Business District (CBD) where several multi national companies, bank and banking institutions, as well as many conference centers, are found. So that as City Gate is immediately from the Nicoll Highway MRT stop, you may not be amiss in center of the CBD inside a few moments that are quick. Whilst the CBD grows to incorporate Marina Bay as well as right as much as Beach Road /Ophir-Rochor places, you’ll discover that dealing with function is likely to be so even more quickly out of your home at City Gate. So when the travel is created also smaller, you are able to invest the full time on performing more of things that you enjoy preserved.

Explore the dream home – Visit Puteri Cove Residences

Home that can satisfy the basic needs is not enough for living a perfect life. People want to have more facilities under one shelter. Well, it is a wish of every man to give best facilities to his family. Now with the Puteri Cove Residences you can fulfil your dreams easily. A dream place with luxury condos is ready to welcome you at the heart of harbour Puteri in Iskandar. This group of elegant and classy suits will surely amaze you.

dream home puteri cove residences

Puteri cove Residence – a dream home for you

Pacific Star Group has designed this exclusive place for living a standard life. To live a better life you can definitely buy your home at the heart of harbour of Puteri Cove Residences. It satisfies people’s requirement in every sense.

  1. The surrounding atmosphere of this residence is amazing. The calm, quiet and serene nature of this place provides a panoramic view of the splendid Puteri harbour. With the marvellous Yachts, Marina Park, exciting commercial shops and many more things, Puteri Cove Residences gives a best chance to live in luxury.
  2. The campus of this residency area is gorgeous with green nature. Pacific Star Group has made this area beautifully for the children. The large garden ensures that children have fun and the fun pool and Jacuzzi are the best parts of this campus.
  3. You can get 1 – 4 Bedrooms, dual-keys and Penthouse units in this amazing project. They have built this project in this way to satisfy everyone’s requirement. As the company offers freehold tenure option so the investors will be highly benefited through investment.
  4. If you are a health conscious person then Puteri Cove Residences can be the ultimate place for your living. Its 50m lap pool, basketball court, yoga deck and tennis court will ensure you to keep your health fit and well.

Your search for a perfect home can be satisfied with Puteri Cove Residences.

Terms and Conditions When Buying a Real Estate in Singapore

There are different terms and conditions or sale and purchase agreements when buying a real estate in Singapore. These terms and conditions include the following:

Terms and Conditions When Buying a Real Estate in Singapore
  1. The developer needs to build the housing project and unit in a good and workmanlike manner according to the specifications which were set out in the agreement. The developer also needs to build the unit with the common property
  2. The buyer should also obtain a written confirmation from the developer when there are some items which were also offered by the developer which were not written or stated in the agreement. The materials, fitting, appliances, finishes, furnishings, and others which will also be used or given for the unit and the common facilities are also set out on the specifications of the building.
  3. The buyer of the strata-titled property needs to note the share value which is also allocated to the unit as it decides the payable maintenance charges. The share value of a certain unit decides if the buyer’s share in the housing project is also used to compute the share of contribution of the buyer for the recurrent maintenance fees and charges on the common property. If there are some restrictions on the use and enjoyment of the unit and common property, the buyer needs to note that in the sale and purchase agreement.
  4. Any changes on the terms and conditions in the standard sale and purchase agreement need to also be approved by the controller of housing. Even if the changes have been mutually agreed upon by the buyer and the developer, they need it to still be approved by the controller of housing. The developer needs to list all the changes on the sale and purchase agreement approved by the controller of housing as separate schedule on the agreement. This is also referred to as The Second Schedule.
  5. The buyer need to inform the developer if he sub-sells the unit before the completion of the unit’s sale has taken place.
  6. The sale and purchase agreement is also considered as a private contract between the developer and the buyer. If there are any breaches or disputes, the buyer may ask to resolve them through mediation or by seeking legal advice with the proper course of action.
Terms and Conditions When Buying a Real Estate in Singapore

These are some of the terms and conditions or sale and purchase agreement when buying a real estate property in Singapore.

Tips from Singapore Property Experts

In today’s society, there are always going to be experts in any given field you can think of. With them, it makes it easier to confront crossroads and confusion in these fields, as their opinion is bound to point people to the right direction. This holds true in the case of real estate, such as in Singapore, where it is among the hot topics in business and investment.

Tips from Singapore Property Experts

This in part is due to the decline in property costs in Singapore, which can be attributed to its government’s cooling measures for the imminent inflation in the real estate market of the country. The government had to step in and take the actions required of it to ensure that prices on properties don’t skyrocket out of control. While this was necessary, this made it difficult for developers to get a grasp on the actual figures when it came to demand at the time of imposition. This has caused quite a stir in what used to be an aggressive market. Now, developers are unsure of how they should price their projects, and the once eager real estate investors and home buyers are now reluctantly awaiting in the sidelines, trying to assess the situation to maximize their investment. Some, because of the cooling measures, aren’t really capable of buying a home in Singapore anymore.

What the Experts Say

Tips from Singapore Property Experts

Property experts in Singapore have a few things to say about the present situation of the property market in Singapore. For one, some experts encourage renting, especially those who are unable to purchase HBD properties or resale properties due to the effects of the cooling measures. These measures actually favor landlords and those who have their rooms let, and while it isn’t exactly what one might want, it sure is a viable option, especially when working with a tight budget. It would be wise to remember that renting can never be a wise long-term decision.

Tips from Singapore Property Experts

For those who can, experts also talk about looking at other private properties. With these abound in Singapore, there is bound to be one that would suit your taste, needs, and financial capacity. Costs are going down in the property market, albeit just a bit, and now is one of the better times for those looking for good deals to purchase real estate properties in Singapore.

Lastly, property experts suggest that those in Singapore and those who plan to live there any time soon should first educate themselves as to how they might be affected by the cooling measures. This is especially directed to those who just got to Singapore, and those who plan on living there, as these people are likely going to be stuck with renting or getting the more expensive kinds of properties, which could really give them a hard time saving up what they earn, which could seriously hamper their life’s progress. However, with good planning and budgeting, along with the professional guidance of property experts, such people should find themselves a permanent home in Singapore sooner rather than later.

Services Offered By Real Estate Management Services in Singapore

The real estate management services offer different services to their clients to five them an effective and customized solution and they integrate the property and asset management disciplines. The services they offer include the following:

Services Offered By Real Estate Management Services in Singapore
  1. Property Management – this helps in giving a comprehensive, integrated property and facilities management service to enhance the asset’s investment value.
  2. Asset or Portfolio Management – This helps in managing and controlling the investment risks and enhances the investment returns. This also helps in understanding the nature and sources of investment risk. This also helps in managing the risk-return equation and in setting achievable investment objectives.
  3. Leasing and Tenancy Management – This service manages portfolios of different rent collections and arrears recovery, properties, and property tax matters. This also includes the vacancy refunds. This also helps in giving the tenants an advisory service with the lease covenants.
  4. Financial Reporting and Accounting – This helps in reducing the disclosures. This also helps in simplifying the recognition and measurement rules. This also gives fewer choices and options which are also allowed in the accounting treatment.
  5. Rent Collection and Arrears Management – This helps in giving an effective income management since it is a key element in social housing provisions. This is also a good practice highlight for the need in preventing arrears arising and in taking early and decisive recovery action where the arrears may arise. This also helps in measuring performance in this difficult area and it is also assessed across a range of indicators.
  6. Asset Enhancement – This is helpful for those who want to keep a close eye on the market developments and the changes of the customer’s needs. This also helps customers in enhancing the value of their asset since most assets are depreciating in value.
  7. Sustainability and Energy Management – This helps in giving solutions like improves energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, improved productivity, improved reliability, enhanced safety, and increased sustainability.
  8. Environmental Health and Safety Compliance – This also helps in the environmental compliance portion of the audit evaluated the sites’ compliance with the Singapore environmental statutes and regulations. And the health and safety portion of the audits covered all potentially applicable local programs and requirements.
  9. Risk Management – This helps in the management of different risks involved in the real estate management services. Since most company’s need to manage these risks.
  10. Sourcing and Procurement
  11. Contracts Management

Qualifications for Real Estate Consultant Jobs in Singapore

There are different companies that offer real estate consultant jobs in Singapore. There are different qualifications needed to land a job in some companies. Some of these requirements of some companies are the applicants age should at least be 21 years old and above, they should at least be a permanent residents or Singaporeans, and those with or without experience can apply.

Qualifications for Real Estate Consultant Jobs in Singapore

They are also required to have a primary, secondary, “O’ level, higher secondary, pre-university, A level, college, or have a professional certificate or NiTEC in Business Studies, Administration, Property Development, Marketing, Real Estate Management, or any equal to qualify. They also need to have computer skills or knowledge. Those who are fresh graduates or entry-level applicants are also encouraged to apply for the job.

Qualifications for Real Estate Consultant Jobs in Singapore

The company will give them with coaching and training. There are also an IT support, unique training “standing in the heat”, and lots of new projects that will also be given by the company. There is also a division personal training, division IT support, division activities, division incentive overseas trips, and free leads which are also given by some companies to their soon-to-be employees. These qualifications and requirements vary from different companies which offer real estate consultant jobs to their applicants.

Some companies may offer other incentives, benefits, and trainings to their applicants. There are also different qualifications which are also needed by some companies that other companies don’t need their applicants. The responsibilities of these real estate consultants are either full-time or part-time real estate agents and they should also be ambitious and motivated real estate agents. The reason Singapore companies need their applicants to at least be residents or Singaporeans are that they are aware of the area where the property is also found and the different amenities and facilities found in the area.

How Singapore Real Estate Brokers can Help You

People who know a thing or two about real estate know that it would be best to approach the best and highly reputable brokers if they want to get the best out of their investment. With world-class properties such as those in Singapore, this holds even truer. It is a broker’s job to ensure you get the best deals safely and securely, and keep you from being taken advantage of. Some people are so easily made to believe that all the reputable real estate brokers are just sharks after their money. On the contrary however, these people are among the best at doing the opposite, and that is to ensure you get the most out of your money or your property.

How Singapore Real Estate Brokers can Help You

Of course, it would be wise to go only with the best real estate brokers to help you deal with your real estate needs, and below are some of Singapore’s best, based on their performance in the business.

  • ERA Singapore – This company prides itself as one of the first to revolutionize Singapore’s real estate market, being one of the major reasons why real estate sales is now considered a career in the country. Along with many other firsts the company has managed to make, such as the exclusive listing marketing concept and the open home marketing concept (both of which are now common practices in the field), ERA Singapore is one of the biggest names in real estate brokerage in the country.
  • Huttons Asia – This company currently ranks third in terms of volume of real estate agents in Singapore. They pride themselves with some of their latest projects being sold out in just a few days of being opened for public viewing.
  • DTZ Property Network – This company is the 5th largest real estate company in terms of the number of real estate agents in Singapore in their employ. With clients such as the Marina Bay Residences, this is easily one of the best real estate companies in Singapore, in large part due to their helping Marina Bay Residences post record after record in the real estate market.

Real estate in Singapore is extremely costly, and for this, you will want only the best out of your investment. Going with reputable and trusted brokers can help lead you to choices you didn’t knew you had, or shed light on investment opportunities that aren’t known to many. Go with the best real estate brokers in Singapore, and you are sure to get exactly what suits your needs.